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සිංහරාජ ක්ෂේත්ර චාරිකාව 2010; Sinharaja Field Trip Fauna & Flora Checklist

By YBA member Sajith Lasantha Ruasinghe

සිංහරාජ ක්ෂේත්ර චාරිකාව 2010; Sinharaja Field Trip Fauna & Flora Checklist (යෝධ නවඳ ගස නැරඹුම් මාවත)

Butterflies :-

  1. Ceylon tree nymph
  2. Common bird wing
  3. Red Helen
  4. Plum Judy
Dragonflies/Damselflies :-
  1. Shining Gossamerwing
Spiders :-
  1. Giant wood spider
Land Snails :-
  1. Acavus phoenix (වෙද ගොළුබෙල්ලා)
Other invertebrates
  1. Giant Millipede (යෝධ හැකරල්ලා)
Fishes :-
  1. Combtail (තල්කොස්සා)
  2. Rasbora (දන්ඩියා)
Amphibians :-
  1. Philautus cuspis (තියුණු හොඹු පඳුරු මැඩියා)
  2. Rana spp. (බොහෝවිට Rana gracilis විය හැකිය.)
Reptiles :-
  1. Green garden lizard (පළා කටුස්සා)
  2. Kangaroo lizard (පිණුම් කටුස්සා)
  3. Green pit viper (පළා පොළඟා)
  4. Green vine snake (ඇහටුල්ලා)
Birds :-
  1. Sri lanka red-faced malkoha (වත රතු මල්කොහා)
  2. Sri lanka blue magpie (කැහිබෙල්ලා)
  3. Dark fronted babbler (වතඳුරු පඳුරු දෙමලිච්චා)
  4. Black-crested bulbul (හිස කළු කොණ්ඩයා)
  5. Yellow-browed bulbul (බැම කහ කොණ්ඩයා)
  6. Sri lanka jungle fowl (වළි කුකුළා)
Mammals :-
  1. Purple-faced leaf monkey
Plants :-
  1. Pogonatum
  2. Nypenthus (බාඳුරා)
  3. වෙනිවැල්
  4. වේවැල්
  5. පුස් වැල්
  6. මහා බෝවිටියා
  7. හීන් බෝවිටියා
  8. නයිලෝන්
  9. කැකිල්ල
  10. කැකිරිවරා

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  1. Good observation. Many of us go there and see only plants. But you have seen lots of animals.

  2. sascha jakabOctober 22, 2010

    I'm looking for 'people 'who see lots of animals'...

    > I'm a photographer/designer/biologist from Austria/Europe, coming to Sri Lanka mid Nov; I planning to do a 7-day-boattrip on ‚Mahaweli Ganga’ and I'm looking for help for the Preperation (permits/boat organisation)

    if you're interested contact me on sascha.jakab@unart.com or sascha.jakab@yahoo.com

    looking forward to seeing 'your nature'


  3. sascha,

    Please join our facebook page and put a post there. Our member may assist you.
    If you like there is a field research station at Yagirala, managed by University of Sri Jayewardenepura
    You can get a boat trip from Beruwala tourist resort to this place.

  4. sascha.jakabOctober 27, 2010

    Dr. Amarasekera,

    thank you for your support!

    I'll try through facebook to organize an individual trip - if that doesn't work I'll try the boat from Beruwala tourist resort!

    do you know if I need a permit for the river? is camping an option alongside the river? is camping permitted in the nature reserves?

    ...if you'd want to send me your postal adress I'd like to send you a small book of my design work (inclunding many wildlife-pictures)

    thanks again & all the best from central europe!



  5. @sascha, Boat trips from Beruwala are arranged by Private operators and they are free.
    Camping is allowed in some of the wild life reserves eg. Horton Plains.
    I'll email you my University address and telephone number of an active member of YBA for you to contact.

  6. sascha.jakabNovember 05, 2010

    hello Dr. Amarasekera,

    1. I haven't received your adress and the phone number yet - please mail to sascha.jakab@unart.com (www.unart.com is my company adress)

    2. I'm afraid there might have been a littlemissunderstanding about the region im interested in > I want to go to the river 'Mahaweli Ganga' in the East somewhere between Polonnaruwa and Koddiyar Bay (Trincomalee)which is the Flood Plains Naional Park and Somawathie Sanctury;

    I'm not sure yet whether to try get a driver for the two weeks I'm in Sri Lanka or if I should drive by myself - it would be most helpful if I could get a contact (email is best) from you - ideal somebody with a 4WD and a good knowledge of the National Parks in the east... - I would of course pay for the car, gas and accomodation!

    where do I get a YBA - T-Shirt?

    thanks a lot!