- Sunday, September 05, 2010

YBA Get 2gether

YBA organized the first ever get together for its 12 year history last month.It was held on 28th August at the Oppulant Banquet Hall.Many present & past members were present on this occasion including our Patron Dr.Hiran Amarasekara & members of the advisory board.This event was organized to improve the friendship between both present & past members & to provide them an opportunity to get to know each other.At the beginning of the event many past members expressed their thoughts & feelings about the YBA & shared their experiences with the new generation.the challenges they faced,the difficulties they had to overcome & the happy & fun memories they had.A slide show of old photographs taken during the past activities helped them to bring back their memories & share them with others.
After those "Rasa Katha" every one mixed up to have a chat & get to know others.The pleasant chat & laughter continued as they enjoyed a great meal & after that every one moved on to the dance floor.
During his final speech Dr.Hiran Amarasekara mentioned that YBA has already getting the attention of many people working in the environment & biology field in Sri Lanka as we have done many important stuff during the 12 years of our history & suggested that we should start reaching the rest of the world.With the strength of the new generation & the experiences of the first generation he believe that we are capable of achieving this feat.
In the end we would like to thank our Patron Dr.Hiran Amarasekara,members of the advisory board & all the members & committee members who helped to make this event a success & all the past members who participated to this event.We hope to meet them all & many others old & new,in the next get together :) Lets get together & serve our country & the environment.

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