- Monday, May 03, 2010

Field workshop on Fresh water fishes

A field workshop organized by the YBA on the fresh water fishes of Sri Lanka was held on 9th to11th April 2010 at Yagirala.11 participants participated to this workshop and they received an excellent opportunity to learn about the fresh water fish diversity of Sri lanka, Identification and distribution of the 82 fresh water fish species in Sri lanka,their behaviors,threats,Conservation and a lot more with the guidance of the resource persons,YBA President Mr.Salindra Kasun and Mr.Pradeep Suranga.The field activities carried out in the streams in Yagirala rain forest and Yagirala village gave the participants a chance to observe and study the fishes in their natural habitats.During the field visits we could observe 14 fresh water fish species and many other animals.

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