- Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rediscovery of "Adenomus kandianus" ;an extict amphibian from Sri Lanka

Members of YBA have recorded this toad during the recent field trip to Peak wilderness. Adenomus kandianus has first recorded by G√ľnther in 1872 from Peradeniya. This endemic toad was considered as extinct because it has not been recorded for over 130 years. Most recently Mr Mendis Wickramasinghe who is a well known naturalist in Sri Lanka revealed that this species is still survives in the wild.

Presence of web in the hind limb is a unique feature that help to distinguish it from other members of this genus; Adenomus dasi and Adenomus kelaarti.

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  1. Salindra Kasun DayanandaNovember 18, 2010

    This may be mis identification Because A. dasi and A. kandianus both have fully webbed feet.So this species may be A.dasi cause currently there are plentifull of records along the pilgrims trail at Peak wilderness
    Most importantly we cant verify a species by a photograph
    So this is not a valid record fo A.kandianus