- Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Inaugural Meeting of the Young Biologists Association at SLAAS on 20 March 1998

Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka decided to form an association for younger biologists who are unable to join the activities of their professional organization. This association will be named as YOUNG BIOLOGISTS ASSOCIATION. 

Institute of Biology is the leading institution for professional Biologists in Sri Lanka incorporated by an act of Parliament in 1984.  Membership of IOB consists of most of the leading Biologists in Sri Lanka in Universities, Research Institutions and other state and non-state organizations.

Overall objective of establishing this association is to stimulate and develop an interest in Biology, and to promote dissemination and development of the knowledge in the field of Biology and related subject areas among younger generation. It is expected to organize lecturers, workshops, field trips and training programmes by this association.  

Inaugural meeting of the YOUNG BIOLOGISTS was held on Friday, 20 March 1998 at the SLAAS auditorium from 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm. This inaugural meeting was a brain-storming session as to what can be done in the future to promote biology among younger generation and to appoint office bearers for the first Council of this association.

All senior professors in Biology were present at this inaugural session.  Senior biologists in Sri Lanka, as well as younger biological enthusiasts made presentations.  After this inaugural session, meetings/ lecturers of this association were conducted at the Auditorium of the National Museums.

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